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The Holy Moment

When I pray, when I pray deeply, I move through the day as if every step is a constant prayer. I am always aware of the power of the sacred present. Unfortunately, I am often caught in the "busyness" of daily life. I think of the past or look to the future.  Yet, our hearts need those holy encounters where we step into those spaces of transformation. Recently, God's hand gently redirected my being to that place. I hold weekly office hours out in our churches.   We encourage anyone to come in and meet with their diocesan staff or me.  We begin with the Eucharist or Morning Prayer. On this day, I was a bit hurried and headed straight for the chapel. As I entered, I was handed a long list of the meetings. I began reviewing the day ahead.  Inside the small chapel were 13 people. I moved a chair, so I was seated close to those in attendance. Seated directly in front of me were a young man and woman in their early twenties. It was apparent they were not familiar wi

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