Sacred Spaces of Transformation

Sacred Spaces of Transformation

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Everything

I was blessed to be the homilist at the diaconal ordinations this past Saturday.  A friend who is on Facebook asked that I post the portion of the homily that spoke to his journey.  Steven, this is for you: 

Eventually the power seeking apostles moved beyond prominence, status, titles and power. They finally understood the only thing that could change the world was Christ. I am going say something disturbing in this day and age.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Jesus is not a concept, theory, great teacher, guidepost or spiritual guru. Jesus Christ is Lord, King, Savior and Son of God. 

Thus, You will not be the savior of the world.  Only Jesus is the savior and you are called to serve.   Preach Jesus, Baptize in his name, live with him on your lips and in your hearts.  Let the love of God live and grow inside you. lf a person doubts, encourage their questions and seeking.  You may be the only face of Christ they meet.   Be an exploring companion.  Today is a great gift, your call has been answered.   You are now made new.

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